EVANS GOALS: Evans Energy II believes that success is a team effort and is always focused on the prize of a successful well and a financially successful operation for everyone involved. With over 30 years of experience and 400 successful wells drilled throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and several other states, the Evans management team has succeeded in establishing processes that are proven and profitable. Our goal is to continue to leverage past success and experience in order to develop new opportunities in all areas of the company's services which include exploration and 'contract' drilling. With our team's ingenuity and the advantage of new technological innovations, we are developing maximum leverage for the recovery of domestic oil and gas reserves.

EVANS STRATEGY: By utilizing our years of drilling and operating experience and working closely with experienced geologists and engineers, we are able to extract every bit of date available in order to form the most educated decision possible concerning a well's potential and select only the prospects with the most potential for commercial success. Some of the methods that we utilize are 3D seismic, field mapping, known production proximity, historical production, new zone potential and new prospecting technology.

EVANS PHILOSOPHY: Evans Energy II was founded on the back of hard work and "Do what you say you're going to do" attitude. Today, Evans Energy II is the result of that development of work, pride and fair play.