With over 30 years of experience, the Evans family has been directly involved in almost every aspect of the oil and gas industry. As an owner/operator, Evans Energy II is able to oversee every phase of a project from developing prospects, obtaining leases, drilling, completion, production and daily operations.

Our motto, "Success built on Experience," is more than just a tagline; it is our mission. We continually strive to secure valuable leases with proven reserves along the Gulf Coast and mid Continent area to develop new fields as well as revisiting previously drilled areas to increase the recovery of oil and gas reserves by utilizing advanced drilling and completion technologies.

When you partner with Evans Energy II, you are partnering with a company and professionals whose primary goal is to find production with every well that we drill. When evaluating potential prospects, our geologists and engineers extract every bit of data available in order to form the most educated decision possible concerning a well's potential. Seismic, field mapping, subsurface and structure mapping, known production proximity, historical production, new zone potential and new prospecting technology are all utilized.

The projects offered by Evans Energy II are typically part of a bigger field development involving both previous and future drilling of wells in a prospective area. This allows us to synergize our geological and engineering research, as well as reduce the overall costs associated in developing the infrastructure required with drilling each well. Multiple well development further reduces cost by more efficient use of personnel, equipment, and infrastructure across a number of wells to significantly reduce the cost per well. Evans Energy II is always a large working-interest partner in every project we put together. By Evans Energy II being a large working-interest partner, we share a common interest with our partners: to produce the best possible results at the lowest possible cost. When you are successful, we are successful.