About Us

Evans Energy II,LLC is an independent energy exploration, operating, and drilling group specializing in oil and natural gas exploration, development and production. With over 30 years of experience, the Evans family has been involved in almost every aspect of the oil and gas industry. As an owner/operator of each project, Evans Energy II,LLC and Mustang Drilling oversee all phases from developing future prospects, obtaining oil, gas and mineral leases, drilling, completion, operation and production.

Our History

    With over 30 years of experience, the Evans family has been directly involved in almost every aspect of the oil and gas industry. As an owner/operator, Evans Energy II,LLC is able to oversee every phase of a project from developing prospects, obtaining leases, drilling, completion, production and daily operations.

    Our motto, "Success built on Experience," is more than just a tagline; it is our mission. We continually strive to secure valuable leases with proven reserves along the Gulf Coast and mid Continent area to develop new fields as well as revisiting previously drilled areas to increase the recovery of oil and gas reserves by utilizing advanced drilling and completion technologies.

    When you partner with Evans Energy II,LLC you are partnering with a company and professionals whose primary goal is to find production with every well that we drill. When evaluating potential prospects, our geologists and engineers extract every bit of data available in order to form the most educated decision possible concerning a well's potential. Seismic, field mapping, subsurface and structure mapping, known production proximity, historical production, new zone potential and new prospecting technology are all utilized.

    The projects offered by Evans Energy II,LLC are typically part of a bigger field development involving both previous and future drilling of wells in a prospective area. This allows us to synergize our geological and engineering research, as well as reduce the overall costs associated in developing the infrastructure required with drilling each well. Multiple well development further reduces cost by more efficient use of personnel, equipment, and infrastructure across a number of wells to significantly reduce the cost per well. Evans Energy II,LLC is always a large working-interest partner in every project we put together. By Evans Energy II,LLC being a large working-interest partner, we share a common interest with our partners: to produce the best possible results at the lowest possible cost. When you are successful, we are successful.

Our Mission

Evans Philosophy: Evans Energy II,LLC was founded on the back of hard work and "Do what you say you're going to do" attitude. Today, Evans Energy II,LLC is the result of that development of work, pride and fair play.

Evans Goals: Evans Energy II,LLC believes that success is a team effort and is always focused on the prize of a successful well and a financially successful operation for everyone involved. With over 30 years of experience and 400 successful wells drilled throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and several other states, the Evans management team has succeeded in establishing processes that are proven and profitable. Our goal is to continue to leverage past success and experience in order to develop new opportunities in all areas of the company's services which include exploration and 'contract' drilling. With our team's ingenuity and the advantage of new technological innovations, we are developing maximum leverage for the recovery of domestic oil and gas reserves.

Evans Strategy: By utilizing our years of drilling and operating experience and working closely with experienced geologists and engineers, we are able to extract every bit of date available in order to form the most educated decision possible concerning a well's potential and select only the prospects with the most potential for commercial success. Some of the methods that we utilize are 3D seismic, field mapping, known production proximity, historical production, new zone potential and new prospecting technology.

Our Management

    Pamela H. Evans, President.
    Mrs. Evans has been involved in the oil and gas industry since 1980. She began her career as a landman for several of the Hunt Family oil companies in various states, including Michigan, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Mrs. Evans also did land work for Sandifer Oil & Gas, Sohio, and UniCal. In 1993, when she was expecting her fourth child, she reduced her work schedule from full-time assistance with her husband's oil and gas ventures to part-time. Despite a reduced work schedule, Mrs. Evans devoted her time and energies to philanthropic and civic organizations, such as the Junior Auxiliary, where she served as Fundraiser Chairman, PTO president, twice earning Parent of the Year at schools attended by her children, serving as President two (2) years for the Laurel Ballet Guild, Board Member of Parents for Drug Free Youth, Board Member and two-term President of the Parent Advisory Council, taught a drug awareness curriculum for seven (7) years to local fifth and sixth graders, Cheerleader Sponsor, and President of the Laurel High School Booster Club. In 2009, with her children in college, Mrs. Evans returned fulltime to the oil and gas industry, at which time she formed Evans Energy,LLC, Evans Energy II,LLC, and Mustang Drilling Company, LLC. Since 2009, Mrs. Evans has developed relationships with approximately three hundred (300) investors, many of whom hold rights of first refusal on new projects. These investors were either referred to Mrs. Evan's companies by word of mouth, or by a broker/dealer.

    S. Lavon Evans Jr., Lead Consultant.
    Mr. Evans started his career in oil and gas in or about 1979, as a landman with various Hunt Family oil and gas interests. Oil and gas businesses formed and/or operated by Mr. Evans include, but may not be limited to, S. Lavon Evans, Jr. Operating Company Inc., E & D Services, Inc., Long Leaf Pipeline, LP, and Energy Resources, Inc. Mr. Evans has discovered numerous fields while wildcatting in Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas and has also reentered and reworked wells to recover what would have been lost production, and/or developed drilled or step-out drilled in existing fields that has resulted in the discovery or development of or the extension of the existing fields' production limits. Oil and gas discoveries and field extensions accomplished with Mr. Evans' assistance include, but are not limited to, thirteen (13) projects in Mississippi (www.Ogb.state.ms.us), six (6) projects in Alabama (www.gas.state.al.us), three (3) projects in Texas (www.rrr.tx.us), (3) projects in Kansas (www.kgs.ku.edu) two (2) projects in Kentucky (www.oilandgas.ky.gov), and one (1) project in West Virginia (www.dep.wv.gov/oil-and-gas). Mr. Evans has operated approximately 400 wells across the country, for companies that include, but are not limited to, Exxon, Amerada Hess, Cabot Oil, Energy Recovery Group, Edward Oil, Samson USA, Continental Resources of Illinois, Post Oak Petroleum, Paramount Petroleum, Aruba Petroleum, Davis Oil, Greer Oil, Jack Everett Oil, and Callon Petroleum Company. Mr. Evans' business plans are to continue wildcatting, reentering and reworking oil and gas wells to recover oil, gas, and other minerals in producing quantities for his company and business associates.

    Nash H. Evans, General Manager.
    Nash Evans was exposed to the oil & gas business from an early age. He spent time with his father on well locations as a child and by the time he was in high school, he had advanced to assisting in the equipment yards. After graduating from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors in Business Management, he came to work for the family business. Since the time Nash starting working for the company, he has been involved in more than 20 different wells in multiple states. He assists with managing the daily operations of the wells and is hands on in the field. Nash is very involved with the development of properties and projects that the company operates. His long term plan is to help lead the company in fully developing its' properties and continuing to grow the family business.