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Evans Energy II,LLC is an independent energy exploration, operating, and drilling group specializing in oil and natural gas exploration, development and production. With over 30 years of experience, the Evans family has been involved in almost every aspect of the oil and gas industry. As an owner/operator of each project, Evans Energy II,LLC and Mustang Drilling oversee all phases from developing future prospects, obtaining oil, gas and mineral leases, drilling, completion, operation and production.

Our motto, "Success built on Experience," is more than just a tagline; it is our mission. We continually strive to secure valuable leases with proven reserves along the Gulf Coast states to develop new fields as well as revisiting previously drilled areas to increase the recovery of oil and gas reserves by utilizing advanced completion technologies.

When you partner with Evans Energy II,LLC, you are partnering with a company and professionals whose primary goal is to find production with every well that we drill. When evaluating potential prospects, our geologists and engineers extract every bit of data available in order to form the most educated decision possible concerning a well's potential. Seismic, field mapping, subsurface and structure mapping, known production proximity, historical production, new zone potential and new prospecting technology are all utilized.

  • Evaluating Oil and Gas

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  • Finding Oil and Gas

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  • Tax Advantages

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  • Types of Wells

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